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  1. Does the position of keywords in the URL have a significant impact? Actually, it is better not to worry about it much. Yeah, it helps in some level if one has keywords in the URL. But it won't be useful when you stuff lots of keywords in the URL. It will seem easy and nice, when you have four to five keywords. But it is better not to worry about it much like how deep is the URL in the path or how one should combine it. For an instance, when you do a blog, it is recommended to take two to five important words related to the post and use it in the URL. But it will appear spammy or weird, when you stuff eight, ten, twenty words in the URL. People will less likely to click it. So position is second order kind of thing of keywords in the URLs. One need not to worry about it much, instead they should focus kn having great content that people want to link to and people want to find out about.