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  1. Is it true that domains registered before 2004 have a totally different way of getting PageRank? Like 'Pre-2004' domains are highly desirable because they get PageRank based on old easier criteria. No, it is completely false. There is obviously no difference between 2004 domains, 2005 domains, 2006 domains. All the domains get reputation in the same way. Literally, there is no extra value in buying a pre-2004 domain or pre-Google IPO domain or whatever you want to name it. There's no difference absolutely. Just ensure to get a domain which works well for you. There is no need to think about if it was created before 2004.
  2. Is Google removing the page rank feature to avoid Link Trade that is very popular in the industry now? Google always recompute it using lot of machines. They could take page ranks in any given time and export it as a snapshot and they will show them in the Google toolbar. In order to help people from not worrying about their page's page rank, Google will export the new page ranks to the Google toolbar, once in three or four months. They are scaled between say, zero or empty up to ten, so if you have a lot of page rank. Google pays more attention to ensure that the page rank which they compute internally is accurate to the best assessment. They tend not to worry about the export to the Google toolbar. It's like cron or an automated job that occurs every few months. Users do not pay much attention to it. If a very high page rank domain suddenly drops down to a very low page rank Or if something seems weird about the data, then that will trigger some checks, so that people can do little more investigation. Mostly, Google worry about their own internal versions of page rank. And they does not pay much attention to the stuff that does the export. So this is why because it takes time to update page rank. Generally, it is recommended to think about links, content of the site, goodness for the users, return on investment, conversion rate and speed, instead of worrying about page rank.