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Found 2 results

  1. Will one be penalized for having every file in XML Sitemap listed with the same priority? Definitely, one will not be penalized for this. If one gives same importance to all files in XML Sitemap, then Google will try to find out which ones are really important from their perspective. So, one need not to worry about having to list a priority for every single one. Google is not going to have any sort of scoring or whatever. It is completely fine and optional as well. So, if one has some details for why they wish to put it in a priority, then it is really great. But, to be honest, it is not a must-one and it will really not get one into trouble, if you don't have it.
  2. How can you quote correctly from different sources without getting penalized for duplicated content? Is it possible to quote and refer to the source? Let's take two instances. First one is that you are a normal blogger, and you want to quote an excerpt from some author you like or from some other blog, which has a good insight. It is recommended to put that in a block quote, and add a link to the original source, so that you need not to worry about it. Google has a way to find this kind of thing without making it as a issue. But you are about to quote an entire article from other website or many articles from other websites and you do not even make an attempt to add something on your own, then it will have impact on the reputation of how Google view your site. If you are a normal blogger, all you are doing is adding a quote from one site and you even add some value. You are not like including a quote with no other ranking or attribution or insight or research or whatever. If you are about to write a blog post, you have a paragraph and you add a link to the original source and you also include something about agreeing or disagreeing with that particular paragraph. Then it's not a big deal. Techdirt is a website which will include a little quote, but it will give its own perspective. So we can consider it as unique. These things are legal and Google is so fine with it.