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Found 2 results

  1. Will Google find text in images someday? Actually, it is easy to say in words, but it is a big undertaking in real. But, it will be fun at the same time. Actually, it will be great, if Google crawled the web, found all the images and ran OCR (optical character recognition) on all the images on the web. But, to be honest, it is too high to dream, as it involves loads of work. The notable fact is, one should expect this from Google in any short term now.
  2. Will one be penalized for having every file in XML Sitemap listed with the same priority? Definitely, one will not be penalized for this. If one gives same importance to all files in XML Sitemap, then Google will try to find out which ones are really important from their perspective. So, one need not to worry about having to list a priority for every single one. Google is not going to have any sort of scoring or whatever. It is completely fine and optional as well. So, if one has some details for why they wish to put it in a priority, then it is really great. But, to be honest, it is not a must-one and it will really not get one into trouble, if you don't have it.